Saturday, 22 June 2013

Blue and purple ombre nails

Ombre nail design

I first saw this ombre nail design as a tutorial on YouTube. I instantly loved it and was desperate to try it out myself. I was a little apprehensive as I've watched many nail art tutorials before and wanted to try them out my self but realised i did not have half the tools it required! How ever this ombre style nail design is so simple and easy and worked the very first time i tried it.

I already had completed step one of this design by painting all of my nails with a base coat colour (which is recommended to not be too dark). My base coat as you can see is a turquoise blue colour by Barry M (im not sure of the exact name of the colour as it was a friends nail polish). I then took a small piece of sponge and painted on a strip of a different colour wide enough to fit my whole nail. I then placed it around a third to a half of the way up my nail from the bottom, i then wiggled it around and dabbed a few times to ensure there was not an obvious straight line which separated the two colours. I later followed the same steps to add a third colour to the tip of the nail which in my case was a purple shade. I used a different piece of sponge for the different colour. I then finished this design with a clear top coat to protect the nails from chipping to make it last a longer.

All of the nail polished i used were by Barry M, these nail polishes are very affordable at £2.99 for the standard polish and £3.99 for the gelly polish range. The quality of these nail polishes is amazing and i would highly recommend them. However i have not yet tried this nail design with the gelly polish range from Barry M so i cannot review how it went.

  • 2 or more nail polishes of choice
  • Clear top coat
  • A small section of sponge
  • Nail polish remover (to clear any excess nail polish around the nail)

Here is the same technique done with different colours:

Without a top coat
Maybelline: Speeding light and Barry M- Tangerine

With a top coat

Thank you for reading my very first blog post! More to come :-)