Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A vase of flowers

Different flowers bloom all year round, but my favourite flowers bloom in summer. Theres so many different types of flowers available to buy in summer that are a variety of colours.

Flowers can change a whole room, they can add so much character and a sense of completion to a room. Flowers can be used and displayed in vases in all different rooms in a house from a bedroom to a kitchen.

Flowers seem to fit in well with summer as everything is much more brighter. Having flowers in my room adds an extra something to my room- almost like an aunament.

Having flowers in my room makes it feel so much more homely and welcoming. They're also so pretty and depending on the colour you choose, they can fit in well to the colour theme of your bedroom.

Depending on where you buy the flowers they will last different lengths of time. Typically the more you spend on a bunch of flowers the longer they should last. But cheaper flower stools like the flower stool I sometimes buy flowers from in Norwich can also be a mixture of amazing and not so good quality. But if the price is low you cant really complain.

Sophie x