Thursday, 18 December 2014

Barry M natural shadow & glow blush palette 2

I wanted to buy a new eyeshadow palette that wasn't too big but still had a moderate variety of neutral shades. I wanted a smaller palette because i spend a lot of time travelling to and from my boyfriends house, so its much easier if i travel lightly! I like the MUA and Sleek eyeshadow palettes because they are good quality, cheap and small. But i wanted to try something new and i had my eyes on the new Barry M palette...

I think theres 5 different palettes in this collection. I chose this one because as soon as i looked at it i liked the colours a lot. Not only is this a small palette but it also has a blush in it swell so it means one less makeup product to carry around. 

There are two matte eye shades in the palette which (from the left) are the second and third shades. The other four shades are shimmery and include a; plum, grey, medium brown and a dark brown. The quality of these eyeshadows are fairly good and although i have only used it a couple of times so far, I'm really liking it. The blush has a slight shimmer through it, its a gorgeous rosy pink colour.

Theres a big mirror in the palette on the flap which magnetically shuts which is also very useful for touching up your makeup on the go. I would highly recommend this palette. 

I got this palette from Superdrug for £6.49

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Red sparkly Christmas nails

Two very festive things are the colour red, and lots of sparkles. Combining these together I have created a nail look that looks so Christmassy. Its so easy to do and is nothing out of the ordinary but still looks amazing. Only two nail polishes are needed to create this look - a red and a sparkle or glitter nail polish.
  1.  Simply paint your nails red, 
  2. Wait for them to dry,
  3.  And use the sparkle polish as a top coat.

The pictures do not pick up how lovely the nails look when the light hits the top coat. I used two shade from Barry M. The red shade is called 'blood orange' and is from their 'Gelly' range. And the glittery top coat is called 'Jingle Bells' and is limited edition. (Jingle Bells is available in Superdrug right now and you can get it for free when you spend £6 or more on Barry M products)

I will be wearing these nails up until Christmas and probably until the New Year as well!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Lily Pebble's Chocolate Brookies!

I have recently watched Lily Pebble's vlog which included 'chocolate brookies', i then read the blog post about them which went into further depth about them and included the recipe. Brookies are half way between brownies and cookies, I'm surprised I've never heard of them before! 

Usually when i try and bake things at home it goes horribly wrong because i don't have a key ingredient and I've substituted it for something else, or I'm making up the recipe as i go along! When i looked at the ingredients for the chocolate brookies i was pleasantly surprised as they are all simple ingredients that most people have in their cupboards, and there was just a short list of ingredients that were needed. So for once, i think my chocolate brookies turned out just fine!

For the full recipe and much better pictures go to Lily Pebble's blog :)

The brookies before baking.

First batch out of the oven. (without flash)

Second batch out of the oven! (with flash)


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Zara City Office Bag

Ive wanted this bag for a while now. I originally wanted the older style of the city office bag as i liked it more, but i decided to just go for it and get it as they're all fairly similar. I first got inspired to get this video when it became popular with YouTuber's. 
I was lucky enough to meet Tanya Burr in the Summer of 2013 and when meeting her she was carrying this bag. 
I didn't go shopping to purposely buy it, but when i saw it in Zara i felt i had to..! Its such a classic accessory for a girls wardrobe. The black makes it classy and simple looking, and the entire style is so convenient and handy. 
I use this bag when i go to college. The pockets at either side mean that my laptop and folder can be easy to find and protected from any damage. The pockets are cushioned which means that if my laptop didn't have a hard case on it (which it does) it would still be protected inside the bag. 
The huge compartment in the middle is open and makes it easy to grab things during the day. It has both short straps and a long strap. The bag can fit so much in and is perfect for work, college, school or university. It feels good quality and i know it will last me for a long while. 

RRP £59.99