Monday, 12 January 2015

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream review

I got the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for Christmas and have been using it A LOT since! 
I have mainly used it on my lips but as you can literally use it anywhere! It says on the back of the product that you can use it to; shape brows, revitalise shine, soothe dry hands, smooth cuticles and can also be used on symptoms of; chapping, peeling, minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions or cracked lips. Its a gel-like formula that is orange in colour.

I have recently (the past several months) noticed my lips seem to crack much more than they ever used to. I wanted to try this because I've heard amazing things about it for your lips.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has cracked and sore lips because its helped me a lot. I would, however say that it doesn't leave my lips feeling the most moisturised as its more of a healing balm that a moisturising lip balm, but i don't mind that because i know i won't have sore lips for long once i use this.

I would recommend using this before bed as it can take a while to soak into your lips. However, i have used a tiny amount before applying lipliner then lipstick recently and it did work ok.

The only negative thing i would say about this is the smell of it. I can't describe what i actually smells of, but its just not nice! I can just about put up with the smell because the end result is worth it. But i would recommend testing this and smelling it before you buy as its a lot of money to waste if you decide you can't handle the smell!
RRP £22.00

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 makeup favourites

So as 2014 has come to an end i thought i would post some of the makeup products that have been my favourite throughout the whole year. 
I have not included any lipsticks because they are my favourite makeup product and i would be here for days if i were to include any as i love so many and wouldn't be able to choose 2 or 3 favourites!

The Collection 'lasting perfection' concealer is a product that i have gone back to using even when i have tried other concealers throughout the year. It's so popular and i 100% agree with the hype. 
The consistency is thick and creamy which makes it very full coverage but still easy to blend. I have it in two different shades as i used a slightly darker one during summer.

I have so many bronzers but again, the Stila 'stay all day' bronzer is one i have used the most and always reached for. 
I use this for warming my cheek bones, temples and top of the forehead and i don't usually use it for contouring but i definitely would if i wanted to as it also works well as a contour colour.

This is the Sleek blusher in 'rose gold'. I wanted to try this for so long, but every time i went to buy it it was sold out, and now i know why!
It gives a natural flush of colour throughout the cheeks with a slight shimmer as some gold flecks run through the blusher. Ive used it all year round and will continue to use it.

I discovered this product in the second half of 2014, but i wanted to include it in my favourites as i have sworn by it. 
I have never filled in my eyebrows as i naturally have dark and full brows. But i wanted to try a product such as a gel which would just hold them in place. This product by Rimmel ('brow this way') holds my brows in place all day.

I tend to use one mascara at a time because i find they can dry up quite quickly. So although i have used a few throughout 2014 the Rimmel 'lash accelerator' has been my absolute favourite. 
The wand is plastic which i wouldn't normally choose to use. The mascara is amazing for separating the lashes as well as making them much longer.

I needed a new primer so i bought this on a win. The Rimmel 'fix & perfect' primer' ensures my makeup stays on my face all day and doesn't slip around. Its also amazing at creating the softess base before applying foundation.

My MAC palette is my pride and joy! I have been working on it for over a year now, trying to fill my 15 space palette and I'm slowly getting there!
What i love about the palettes is that you can create your perfect palette because you choose the colours that you buy. I have gone for a neutral coloured palette as i will get so much more wear out of it than a palette with brighter colours.

MUA lipliners are also something that i have been using non stop. This is because they are so cheap and have a good variety of colours. I have 4 of the colours that they have in the collection as you can see above. 
The quality of the lipliners is surprisingly good and i would recommend them to anyone looking for a new lipliner on a budget.

Finally (not really a makeup product) is my Real Techniques 'base shadow brush'. This is the perfect shape and size for a shadow to be placed all over the lid. Its so soft and it cleans easily.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nars 'red lizard' lipstick

I recently bought this lipstick and love it so i thought i'd share it. 
The colour pay off is amazing, its so pigmented and applies so easily and smoothly. It's a semi-matte lipstick so it lasts for ages on the lips but is not too drying and powdery. 
Its a classic must-have red as it's deep and rich. 
It retails at £19.50 which is makes it a high end lipstick, but i think its worth the money and would recommend it to anyone wanting a classic red lipstick.
Below is a picture of myself wearing the lipstick..