Saturday, 21 February 2015

I need your help!! Dry lips..

I have never really had dry lips before but recently its been taken to a whole new level..! I don't know whether its been the cold weather or the 8 hour cream not working for me anymore. 

This probably doesn't make sense as my last post was me saying how much I love the 8 hour cream on my lips, but in the last few weeks my lips have been SO dry and cracked no matter how much of it I apply!

I need your recommendations on what you use on your lips too keep them moisturised and smooth. 

I find vaseline slides around on my lips too much once its warmed up to the temperature of my lips and ends up half way around my face! 

Please leave any of your favourite lip masks or balms below as I'm looking for a new one to try. (desperately!)

Thank you! X