Sunday, 31 May 2015

First impressions: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

After hearing so much about this product I finally bought it. All first impressions given are after one use of the product so im sure my thoughts will change as I use the product more.

Aroma - the overall smell of this product is very relaxing and soothing. Its a gentle and subtle fragrance that isnt over powering.

Texture - I found the texture and colour of this product to be similar to a moisturiser. The colour is white which seemed strange to me as I was expecting a clear oil, but once rubbed into my hands or face it changed to a clear colour. I found the texture slightly gripping to the face which made it hard to rub and work into the skin. I made my hands slightly damp which eased the process although you are meant to apply the product to a dry face with dry hands. I used one pump of the product for my whole face and eyes which I would probably consider to be too much.  For future use I would use slightly less and I presume that would make it easier to use as well.

Performance - the overall performance of the product is amazing, ever little bit of my makeup was removed which is ideally what anyone is looking for from a cleanser. This product also left my skin feeling SO soft and well looked after. I will 100% continue to use this cleanser.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Eyebrow routine

I thought that i would share my current eyebrow routine as its something i do everyday whether its filling the brows in slightly or plucking them.

I have quite thick natural eyebrows that are fairly dark in colour. This means that they can be hard to maintain sometimes. 

I have recently noticed that trimming them helps a lot when it comes to controlling them. The thought of trimming my eyebrows used to scare me, and i didn't know where to start. But as soon as i tried it one day, I've been doing it since. In the picture below you can see the tiny scissors i use to trim my brows. The way to do this is to brush all of your eyebrow hairs upwards and cut in a straight line as much as you want to trim them.

I have come to terms with the fact that my eyebrows are 'sisters' and not 'twins' (which always makes me laugh when i hear that saying) which means they don't always look the same. I find the tail of my left eyebrow is sparse these days for some reason. To try and fix this i have been filling this area in slightly with an eyeshadow from the sleek pallet 'OH SO SPECIAL 658'. The colour i use is marked below in the picture with an angled brush. Other than this i don't need to fill in my eyebrows as they are thick and dark already.

 I also usually use a setting gel for my eyebrows as they can be quite unruly. The one i usually use is my Rimmel.

The tools i use:
  • Tweezers
  • Tiny nail scissors
  • Brow brush - Eco Tools
  • Eyeshadow - Sleek
  • Angled brush - Zoeva 317

If anyone has a Macbook Pro and knows how to automatically change the letter 'i' into a capital when i type please let me know. Thanks x

Saturday, 23 May 2015

LOréal casting sun kiss jelly

I saw the TV advert for this hair lightening jelly and really wanted to give it a go. I have never died my hair before, but i always like my hair in the summer when it looks naturally lighter.

I bought this hair jelly from Boots for £4.99 (RRP £5.99)

The darkest shade of hair recommended to do this treatment on is 'dark blonde'. As you can see from the pictures below, my hair is a medium-light brown. This meant that i had to apply the hair jelly 4-5 times to see a noticeable difference. 

To use this hair treatment you need to apply a generous amount to dry hair. You can sit in the sun or dry your hair with a warm hairdryer to speed up the process. There is no need to wash the product out.

This product gave me naturally lightened hair. I really like the outcome as i wasn't looking for a massive difference but a slightly lighter tone.

After one application

After two applications

After three applications

After four applications

After the fifth application

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

3rd time lucky acrylics

After getting acrylic nails twice previously and not being 100% sure whether or not i liked them, i wanted to get a different style. The first two times i got more of a pointed tip so i was unsure what to get the third time. 

After loving Kylie Jenner's acrylic nails i wanted to give them a go but still wasn't sure, so i put my own twist on the style of nails that she had been wearing recently. Kylie Jenner had very long nails that went in at the sides to almost create a pointed edge, but they then had a blunt finish. I liked this style a lot because its in-between a pointed edge and a blunt edge. 

I didn't want the classic square finish nail so this style seemed to suit me. I knew i didn't want them as long as Kylie's because i would defiantly poke an eye out, so i showed a picture of Kylie's nails to the lady doing mine, but i asked for a shorter version.

And here is my result!..

3rd time really was lucky in this case because from now on i will be getting my acrylics done in this style. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Braun silk epil epilator

After years of shaving and waxing my legs i decided to give an epilator another go. I tried using epilators on my legs a couple of years ago and found it way too painful to carry on with. Recently i wanted to give it another go as waxing was becoming too messy and involved too much faffing around for my liking! 

My mum has used an epilator ever since i can remember, so i knew if i ever wanted to try one again i would be able to. She has also had a few different epilators over the years, the current one she has is by Braun and is called 'Silk epic'. Braun is always bring out newer versions of this epilator, so I'm not too sure which one this is, but they are all fairly similar.

For anyone who doesn't know what an epilator is - its a hair removal method and is most commonly used on legs, arms and arm pits. The end piece that you run across you skin has a rotating part with little areas that move from side to side. These areas trap the hair and pull it out which is how the machine removes the hair.

Something i really like about this epilator is the light that comes on when you turn on the machine. This makes it really easy to see every hair on your legs to ensure as many hairs are removed as possible.

The machine has two settings of how fast the end rotates. I like to use it on the fastest setting.

The first time i used the machine was after waxing. I let the hairs grow so that i could do a thorough removal. I went over the main areas as this took a while because it was my first time using the machine. A few days later i used the machine again just to mop up any hairs i missed the first time. Its  now over a week after using the machine the second time and i have just used it a third. I have noticed a MASSIVE difference in the thickness amount of hair regrowth. 

I would 100% recommend epilating your legs to anyone wanting to try a new method of hair removal. The first use is the most painful, but i soon got used to it and now i find it fine to cope with.

Monday, 11 May 2015