Sunday, 27 September 2015

Get ready with me: Meal with friends

Last night i went out for a meal with my friends and i wanted to share the makeup look i created. 
I started by relaxing in the bath and applied my Soap and Glory 'no clogs allowed' face mask. This mask is really good for deep cleaning your pores. The instructions advise you to take a grape size amount, work it into dry skin, wet your hands and rub again. The water reacts with the product encouraging beads to burst which turns the face mask blue and heats up slightly. Its recommended that you keep the face mask on for 5 minutes.
After rinsing off the face mask with warm water i used the Simple moisturising facial wash just to ensure any residue from the face mask is washed off.

For makeup i started by using my Rimmel 25hr foundation. 
I then used some tape and put this on the side of my eyes from the outer corner. to the end of my eyebrow, creating a line for the eyeshaddow to follow.
I then took a skin colour shadow and applied it all over the lid to create an even base.
I used a matte mid toned purple gently through the crease and slightly on the outer corner.
I then used a matte black shade on an angled brush along the lash line and winging it out slightly.
After this i went over the black line with a liquid liner.
I then curled my lashes, removed the tape and applied mascara.
I decided to use a black kohl eyeliner to intensify the eye look more.
I then used false eyelashes and applied concealer under my eyes.
After this i filled in my eyebrows very slightly on the tails and set them in place with a brow gel.
I finished the face makeup by applying a matte bronzer in the hollows of my cheek bones to create a contoured look, and then used a small amount of blusher.
Lastly i set the makeup in place with a powder and applied lip balm (sadly no lipstick as i had a coldsore that had almost healed!)


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Reunited with old friends

When i was 5/6 my mums best friend moved to lived in Canada with her family. We sadly don't see them much, but when we do the visits are always short and sweet. They recently came back to England and we spend the day with them. We went to a country park and had a walk around, went to a cafe and went canoeing on the lake. Here are some pictures from our afternoon canoeing!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Gel nails at home

Ive wanted to buy my own gel nail kit for a while now but I've been unsure which kit to get. After researching different brands and types of kits I'm still at square one!... I wasn't wondering if anyone recommended a gel nail starter kit or a specific brand that they love for gel nails. Im re-doing my nail polish nearly every day so it would make sense for me to buy a gel nail kit and hope that they last for a week or two at a time! X