Monday, 29 February 2016

New Camera

How do you take pictures of a new camera?

 I recently bought a new camera (and when i say new i mean 4 months ago). I initially bought it because i was going on holiday and didn't have a camera as mine broke a while before going away. I also wanted a new camera so i was able to take better blog photos without spending a fortune. After comparing a few models and brands i settled for the Cannon Ixus 160 2.0 MP Compact Digital 720p. One day i would love to have an amazing camera, but for now this is doing the job just fine. 

Below are a few non edited photos I've taken with this camera, I'm pretty impressed by it so far. The camera doesn't take too long to charge and lasts a long time. I was on holiday for a week, turning it on and off throughout the day and i didn't charge it once whilst i was away. Its really simple and easy to use and I've had no difficulty finding or doing something specific on the camera. The camera is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Make-up & brush haul

Long time no blog..

I feel like I've said this at the start of most blog posts, but I'd rather post something when I'm in the mood to blog as apposed to pointless blogs (no pun intended).
I would also rather make a blog post if I have something relevant to share as sometimes its hard to think of post ideas as I'm trying to write them in between busy everyday life. I would rather be happy and proud of a blog post than feel as if I've posted a rubbish one! I love blogging, and if I had the time  and interesting ideas I would probably post one everyday!!

Anyway, Over the past month or so I've been buying a few new makeup items and tools. I realised i had accumulated a few and that i'd write a post on it. I try to to splurge too much on 'un-necessary' things throughout the month, but sometimes i can't help myself! So here is what i bought;

REAL TECHNIQUES miracle complexion sponges.
I've wanted to try these for ages but I've only now bought them, i have no idea why and can't wait to try them out.

REAL TECHNIQUES sculpting brush set.
I really wanted the setting brush and the fan brush, so i bought this seat and the angled face brush was included. I haven't tried it yet, but so far I'm impressed with the other two brushes in the set. The bristles are super soft as always. The fan brush (which i use for highlighter) doesn't pick up too much product, which in my opinion is a good thing as too much highlighter is definitely a no no! 

MAC cream colour base - pearl.
After watching Sam and Nic Chapman and Tanya Burr use this in makeup tutorials, i really wanted to try it. This helped fall in love with 'strobing' as its a subtle way to start and get use to where to place it.

THE BALM mary-lou manizer. 
After seeing many youtubers mention this highlighter i had to get it. 
The first highlighter i ever bought was MAC soft & gentle and i didn't find it soft or gentle at all! Its a very intense highlighter, so it put me off! But after gearing myself up to try this, i realised to no longer be afraid of highlighter! Its a beautiful highlighter thats easy to use and such a pretty champagne shade.

MISS  SPORTY so matte powder & stay perfect 10hr concealer
As always, i wanted to try this from a youtube recommendation! Gabby from Velvetgh0st mentioned this concealer and she compared it to the Collection lasting perfection concealer which i love. I don't think I've ever tried a Miss Sporty product, so i can't wait to try this. They had a 'buy two items get the cheapest half price' offer, i needed a new setting powder anyway, so i bought the powder on a win!

SOAP & GLORY sexy mother pucker matte lip
I bought the shades pretty muted and choccoberry. The colour swatches are rubbish on the boots website, so i googled swatches of them, but there wasn't many on google either so i ended up guessing. I haven't tried these yet but I bought them because they were fairy cheap; £3.50 each, which i thought was a good deal. But now they've arrived I've realised the packaging is quite small and the bullet is tiny! If you're in a Boots store go to the Soap & Glory stand and see how little product is in them! (Shocking.)

UNBRANDED foundation brush
I have no idea what this brush is called or the brand as I bought it from eBay. I've seen similar brushes to these recently by MAC. Before splurging on an expensive brush I wanted to see if I liked the style etc first. Ive only used it a couple of times, but my first impressions are neutral. The brush allows quite a lot of control when you're blending foundation, but it can be hard to see what you're doing when your hand is in the way. If you're able to take your time applying and blending the foundation then this may be for you, but for most of us who are in a morning rush, this probably isn't the best brush for you. Blending with this brush can take a long time and its hard to get in areas such as around the nose and chin with the denseness and shape of the brush.