Monday, 14 August 2017

Im Going Travelling...

If all goes to plan i should be going away at the end of October on a big travelling trip. We will be starting in Australia and spending a few months travelling around the gold coast. We're not sure whether to go on from there or come back after Australia but we have a few ideas floating around at the moment. Nothing is set in stone just yet. The idea is to potentially land in Brisbane and hire a camper van. I never realised the amount of effort that goes into planning a massive trip.

We spent a long time deciding on a destination. But obviously thats the first big decision to make. Australia both appealed to us, and its such a popular place to travel that we figured doing a popular route would teach us all the tricks we need to know when travelling so that when we travel different countries in the future we have some knowledge behind us, rather than going massively off the beaten track for our first big trip.

Next we decided on a time length. We new that going in our winter would be ideal for my work, and it would be Australias summer. Going for a few months means we can really make the most of it and relax at the same time without it being too stressful and intense.

A camper van seemed perfect for us as its our accommodation and allows us to travel. When i went to Australia in March we were going to get a camper van, I'm really glad we didn't as it wouldn't of worked because we were really central in Sydney. Whereas a trip like this seems perfect for a camper van. This is definitely the thing that is going to cost us the most money whilst travelling, but we can justify this as it is our home and car for a few months and we need to be comfortable. We are thinking about hiring a mid-sized camper van to ensure we have enough room. As we will be there for Australias summer we need to make sure we don't overheat!

Nothing is set in stone for our trip yet and we are still planning to make sure we get everything as right as we can. We could even change our mind and choose a completely different destination! But for now these are our plans.

If anyone has any tips for travelling, especially in Australia please let me know, it would be much appreciated.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Eyelash Lift and Tint

A few days ago i got my eyelashes lifted and tinted for the first time. I wanted to share the experience and talk through the process incase anyone is thinking of getting this treatment.

The idea of the process is to make the lashes look fuller and thicker without wearing eye make-up. Of course, you can wear eye makeup after having the eyelash lift, but the process makes it look like you're wearing natural eye makeup anyway.

It took about 45 minutes with some breaks in between of waiting as the solutions to work on the lashes. This was fine by me because i had just had a facial and massage and i was ready to drop off!

Im sure the process is done slightly differently where ever you go to have an eyelash lift, but this is how mine worked.

1. Firstly, my lower lashes were taped down
2. A guard was placed on my eye to create the curl and protect my eye from any solutions 
3. The first solution is placed on the eye lashes and is removed after 15 minutes
4. The setting solution is placed on the eye lashes and again, removed after 15 minutes
5. A tint was applied to the lashes and removed after 5-10minutes

The actual process was quick and easy and fairly relaxing. However, i did find it slightly uncomfortable having the tape on my lower lashes as this restricted my blinking and i couldn't laugh or smile as the tape wouldn't allow the skin around my eyes to move! Its really important to keep your eyes closed throughout all the application as it would be very painful to get any solution in your eyes.

I was really overwhelmed by how well this worked on my eyelashes. Its three days later now and i haven't worn any mascara on my upper lashes since having this done.

This treatment really appealed to me as i spend ages curling my lashes every single day, and the mascara application is something i find really boring and tedious even though i love the end result of wearing mascara. I also do shift work, so anything to make my life easier on an early shift is wonderful. Overall I'm happy with the results, and depending on how long the treatment lasts i will consider having it done again.

Left: Before image. Right: After image
Please excuse the redness of my face; i had just had a facial and one of the products used didn't agree with my skin!


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Stay Positive

Its so easy to get yourself in a rut about things in life. With me, its usually something so small irrelevant that I let get to me. Then something else so small will get to me as well. (Talk about kick myself once I'm down!) And before i know it I'm in a viscous cycle of bad moods, hating life and being so negative; and no one else is to blame than myself!
Whether its your job, body image, money or even the weather. You have to realise that if you're not to blame for the way you feel then its out of your control and you have to accept it. If you could be to blame its time to make some changes to get yourself away from the negative vibes!

1) Surround yourself by positive people.
Being around people who genuinely bring you happiness is so important. Whats the point in spending time with negative people who also bring you down?

2) Be grateful.
Instead of thinking about what you don't have, why not be grateful for the things you do have? 

3) Treat yourself.
A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Treating myself to something, even a nail polish can really cheer me up sometimes, its the small things. I have a long week coming up at work, so I've booked myself in for a massage and facial at the end of the week so i have something to look forward to. This is a bit extravagant and i won't be making a habit of this, but for a one off, why not?

4) Make time for YOU.
Lives can get so hectic, before we know it every minute of our time is taken up. Clear your schedule if you can. Even a free hour in the evening to have a bath, exfoliate, shave your legs and use a face mask! Its surprising what a bit of 'you time' can do!

5) Eat well.
I know this is a typical one, and something most of us struggle with. But a bit of healthy eating didn't hurt anyone. I truly feel better and positive once knowing what I've put into my body is benefitting my body. Don't restrict yourself, but eat in proportion.

6) Look out for someone else.
Its amazing how a small gesture towards someone else can really make you feel good about yourself. It works both ways, knowing you've made someone else's day should really make you feel great too. Even buying a work colleague a coffee.

7) Recognising other's emotions.
Is someone else feeling down around you and that having an impact on you? Try and find out why they aren't okay and if theres something you can do to help. 

Personalised things that cheer me up and keep me positive and happy....

1) Clean bed sheets
2) Baking
3) Coffee
4) Walking my dogs
5) A new bag/top/jeans/shoes
6) A boiling bubble-bath.
7) Hair wash day
8) Homemade smoothies
9) Having plans in place to look forward to
10) Making an effort with people I want to spend time with
11) Holidays/trips away/weekend breaks
12) Steak!
13) A full tank of diesel
14) Blasting old time favourite songs
15) Taking the time to chose a good outfit
16) Prepping my meals
17) Organisation in general
18) Keeping my journals up to date
19) Cheesecake
20) Meals out in restaurants

Favourite positive quotes......

'Start each day with a grateful heart'
'Worry about loving yourself instead of loving the idea of people loving you'
'The grass is greener where you water it'
'All things are difficult before they are easy'
'Don't give up great things take time'
'Grow through what you go through'

Sunday, 30 July 2017

You can't buy back time, and you can't buy memories.

Ive tried to be a bit more creative when it comes to giving gifts for occasions. Instead of the typical bath sets that no one really wants I've tried to push the boat out a bit more recently. 

In April 2016 myself and my partner went away for a long weekend to Newquay in Cornwall to celebrate our birthdays, last year for my mums birthday i took her to CenterParcs for the weekend, myself and my partner are off to Cape Verde in September which a gift from me for his 21st. 

You can't buy back time, and you can't buy memories. This is why I've realised its so important to make memories yourself; no one is able to make them for you. 

For my mums birthday this year I took her to a Spa hotel and country club call Park Farm near Norwich, Norfolk. I booked the apartment for one night. It was absolutely gorgeous and her reaction made the surprise so worth it. She was so over the moon and grateful. This was such a special moment and so much happiness was brought upon both of us. I will treasure her reaction and always remember her holding her head in her hands and crying tears of happiness on the edge of the blue chequered sofa. 

Here are some pictures of our gorgeous apartment.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

5 Year Journal's

At the start of the year i bought two 5-year-journals. 
One Line a Day
Q&A a Day

The blue diary has a section for you to write what you did on that day, or the highlight of your day. You then come back to the same page the following year on that date. Its mainly a keep sake. I felt really sentimental when i bought these as i've never had a diary before and i think it will be so interesting to look back on.

The brown diary asks you a different question every day (365 different questions). Again, you go to the same dated page the following year and answer the same question for that day. I will be able to see how my answers change and the difference on my outlook on life, or maybe no difference at all? We will see!..

I basically wanted to give a bit of an update on how I'm doing with them, although i never realised that i hadn't mentioned them before.

5 months in i still really enjoy sitting down at the end of the day and filling them both in. However its not always possible to fill them in. Some times I'm not at home, some times i finish work really late and some times i honestly just forget. 

The longest i've left the diaries without filling them in is about 3 or 4 days at a time. This has only happened a couple of times, but its just not always possible to fill in.

In March i went to Australia for a couple of weeks and although i barely had room left in my suitcase i made these diaries a priority and managed to squeeze them in as i wanted to fill in my diaries about my time in Australia to the diaries in as much detail as possible. I was really please with myself that i remembered to fill them in once i was there.

If you like keeping diaries, or its not something youv'e done before but want to start i would definitely recommend these books. You don't have to start at the beginning of the year like i did, you can start in any month as it all links up in the end. I can't wait for the start of next year to fill in the diaries from the beginning again and read what i was up to the year before.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My Youtube Channel

Hey guys,
Im definitely no youtuber.. but as some of you will know i recently travelled you Sydney, Australia. During my time there i filmed almost everyday, with the plan to create some videos to make the memories last more vividly. Ive finished editing the first 2 parts which are now live on my channel. There will be one more part to come, which will hopefully be soon. 
If you fancy having a look please feel free to click the link below to check out my channel. Thank you.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Spring Has Sprung

I love all the bright coloured flowers that appear during spring. 
My garden has transformed from dead grass and golden leaves on the floor to fresh green grass and gorgeous flowers.
Im definitely no photographer but i love taking pictures so thought i would capture some of the lovely colours in my garden at the moment. 


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Driclor, not for the faint hearted!

Before i start; sweating is normal.

Since high school i had been conscious of underarm sweat patches. Its gross, i know. But when you deal with it every day it really sucks all self confidence out of me and is something that I'm always so conscious of.

Whatever the occasion. If I'm excited ill sweat, if I'm nervous ill sweat, if I'm calm angry ill sweat, apprehensive, frustrated, excited, you name it, ill probably sweating...

I will avoid taking my jumper or coat off where ever possible as its something that always plays on my mind and is embarrassing.

For all these years i never did anything about it, i didn't even go to the doctors although i definitely dwelled on it a few times.

I thought this was so uncommon and i wasn't normal.

I thought that it was just my body reacting to my feelings in a certain way and couldn't be helped.

For all of these years i thought that botox in the armpits was the only solution to stopping this, and all i knew about that was that it was short term and expensive, so that wasn't really an option for me.

I tried spray deodorants, roll on, even the maximum protection deodorants and nothing seemed to work, it got to the point where i thought i could deal and accept that i was a sweaty person (!) so i focused more on the fact that i didn't want to smell. So i would layer on the body sprays and perfume!

I was picking up a new deodorant in Boots a few days ago when i saw Driclor and a few other products that claimed to stop sweating. Instantly i wanted to give it a go.

After reading the instructions of a few products i decided to buy Driclor, it wasn't too expensive (£6.19) and claimed to stop sweating completely after using it for a few weeks.

You apply Driclor to clean, dry skin last thing at night and then wash it off in the morning. You can carry on using your normal deodorant throughout the day.

The first time i applied it, it felt slightly tingly and itchy on my underarms. I tried not to think much of it as i though it must be working and actually doing something, it wasn't unbearable so i put up with it. 

However, the second night i had the same symtoms, but much worse. I googled this and although people claim it to be a product that really works, nearly everyone mentioned this as a side-effect, of which it doesnt state on the bottle or in the instructions paper!

I was really impressed to discover that the day after using Driclor for the first time i only sweated the tiniest bit! I was so pleased and couldn't believe that this product could essentially change my life, my self confidence and my wellbeing. 

This is something i really wanted to work for me as its something that has affected me for a long, long time. So i wanted to put up with the itchiness and soreness as it will be worth it in the end.

Im now on day 4 of applying Driclor and the symptoms definitely aren't improving! Im so determined to make this work so I'm trying really hard to stick it out, but its definitely not for the faint hearted!

If sweating is a mild issue for you, but nothing that affects your daily life then i wouldn't suggest putting yourself through this treatment. 

I will post another update in a couple of weeks time when i've hopefully completed this. 

If you've tried Driclor let me know how youv'e got on, id love to hear your experience with it!

By this product at Boots UK:

Monday, 1 May 2017

Sydney, Australia 2017

A couple of weeks ago i got back from a trip to Sydney Australia. This was my first long haul flight, which (apart from New Zealand) is about as far as we can travel from the UK, so i didn't ease myself into long haul flights! The flights were painfully long and boring, and even my last few days in Sydney before flying home; my mind was consumed with thoughts about the long flights that i was about to endure.
Sydney definitely wasn't what i expected. I had my own picture painted in my head before i visited and i imagined Sydney to be so grand and pristine. Whereas the truth is, the city is very similar to London or any other large city. The suburbs are beautiful, but again there are lots of areas that aren't so nice as well. I guess its like anywhere you go that has good and not so good areas in the same town/city. However i only think this picture had been painted in my head because of the massive hype there is around Sydney. It was a trip i will remember forever and i really did have a great time, but in all honesty i don't think i would visit Sydney again as i feel like I've 'done' it.
I visited in March and April 2017, which is their Autumn. I expected the weather to still be warm and for the sea water to have warmed up all Summer. But the weather was fairly rainy most days and for some reason the sea was so cold! 
Nevertheless, below are some pictures i took throughout my trip (minus the rainy day pictures!)